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The project Bake Italy

An innovative idea to churn - in their - biscuits to accompany their products and serve a wider audience

Health in Km Zero

Together with local raw materials to produce Use cereals grown on site "at km 0" means to leverage the quality and popularity of the raw materials. Craftsmanship and quality for a business model that rewards the production chain.

Bake Italy born from King Peter

For three generations, King Peter builds machines for the processing of cereals and has an international presence.




Countries served

So many cars to choose from

Each model Bake Italy bakes cakes one form


The form that is best suited for a quick snack, instead of sandwiches or crackers: small rectangles (3 • 45x70mm) from 1,080 wafers / h to 3.8 kw of power used.


The shape novelty as tasty, light, fun and very special: small triangles (4 • 60x60x60mm) from 1,440 wafers / h) for 3.8 kw of power used.

A natural process

  • Automatic loading

    With the machine running, once the products have reached the correct temperature, the automatic dispenser pushes the cereal mix in the mold base.

  • Pressure

    In a natural process that uses only heat and high pressure (generated by the pump), the cereal mix begins a phase of cooking and processing.

  • Expansion

    Suddenly lowering the pressure, the product expands rapidly taking the shape of the mold, turning into real wafer.

Many cereals, many tastes

Choose the most suitable combination for taste and properties

  • Rice + Spelt
  • Rice + oats
  • Rice
  • Rice + Spelt

    Tasty and energy

    A perfect mix for a lot of energy and taste. All the good rice and spelled.

    Calories: b> 386 kcal
    Fat: b> 2.9 g
    Carbohydrates: b>76.7 g
    Fibres : b>5.5 g
    Protein: b> 10.4 g

  • Rice + oats

    Sana and digest strong>

    A mix easy to digest, low-fat and high nutritional properties.

    Calories: b> 373 kcal
    Fat: b> 4.8 g
    Carbohydrates: b> 69.5 g
    Fibre: b> 6.4 g
    Protein: b> 9.8 g

  • Rice

    in short, the original biscuit

    Lightweight and suitable for various uses, from sweet to savory, but also in pastry and ice cream.
    Calories: 389 kcal Fat: 2.8 g Carbohydrates: 80.9 g Fibres : 3.9 g Protein: 8.1 g

Many consumers of biscuits ...

to eat sweet or savory


To eat light and no added sugar, a healthy, genuine and highly digestible.


To maintain a healthy weight, in a regime of controlled diet. A snack that gives satiety but few calories.

How to consume the cakes

Preparing many dishes, snacks and snacks both sweet and savory, for every taste

  • Biscuits and fresh tomatoes

    better than a bruschetta


    Biscuits and fresh tomatoes

    Celiacs · Salty · Snack · Sweet

    The recipe in brief

    For all gluten intolerant, who can not eat bread and other baked goods, with traditional corn cakes, rice, and rice and maize are ideal to enjoy genuine and tasty dishes.

    The shapes of cakes

    • round
  • Rice cakes and corn

    The lightest of all


    Rice cakes and corn

    Celiacs · Meal · Salty · Sweet

    The recipe in brief

    When you need to keep track of calories, with only 339 kcal per 100g, the rice cakes and corn are the right answer.

    The shapes of cakes

    • Round
  • Touring your Company, I felt the forgotten air of the old Italy: full of life and tradition but projected at the future; all with the wisdom of whom has come before us. It was a great pleasure to meet you.

    · Michele Sammartini ·
  • I'm turning out cakes all the time, every day. My clients are crazy about those chocolate-covered.

    · Mr Francis - Milan ·
  • Finally I can offer healthy and tasty alternative for coeliacs. Rice cakes and corn!

    · Mrs. Rosa - Milan ·

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